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Getting Ready for a Beach Party at Home

The Galey ladies at Merakey AVS designed their own tie dye shirts for their upcoming house beach party. Staff members Morgan Butler and Kim McCartney helped each of the ladies make their own unique shirt by cutting and knitting the materials, and then adding fringe and beads to complete the looks. They were so excited to personalize the shirts and couldn’t wait to pose for their group photo.

The residents and staff have also been sprucing up their outdoor area with hand painted garden stones, all in preparation for their beach party. Great job, ladies!


Arts & Crafts Shared Over Zoom

For the past several months, Administrative Assistant Arlene Selser from Merakey AVS Zapp Center has been hosting Arts & Crafts sessions over Zoom. The weekly sessions each have a theme, and they are accompanied by upbeat music that fits the theme. The sessions are attended by nearly 30 individuals who receive services at the Zapp or Kennedy Centers (which are currently closed due to the pandemic).

In August, Arlene introduced a more relaxing/therapeutic Arts & Crafts Zoom session. This session, which will be repeated in September, included calming music, a slideshow of projects completed by the participants and their peers, and coffee and tea which Arlene sent out to the homes prior to the gathering.

Thanks are due to Arlene for hosting this amazing activity! Also, we are grateful to the Walter F. and Ellen H. Nicoden Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation for underwriting the coffee and tea.

Check out some of the amazing artwork made by individuals at Merakey!


Harvesting Their Crops

The gentlemen who live at Merakey’s Redstone Drive home in the Capital Region planted a garden in the raised flower beds next to their home. They have been caring for the vegetables and other items they planted. They are especially proud of the corn that they recently picked and enjoyed!

Harvesting crops!