Campus Living

Merakey AVS provides Campus Living where individuals have the opportunity to live with peers while receiving 24-hour nursing care and respiratory services. Individuals live in residences that allow them to experience a warm atmosphere similar to the one they would have at home. They also have the freedom to personalize their living space.

In addition to comprehensive residential services, individuals who live at Merakey AVS campuses also receive a wide range of auxiliary support services such as:
  • Behavioral Supports
  • Communication Training
  • Community Activities
  • Day Program Services
  • Health Services
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Leisure Activities
  • Psychological Services
  • Recreational Programs
  • Social Services
  • Therapeutic Activities
  • Transportation
  • Vocational Training

Individuals participate in off-campus community outings, attend local sporting events, visit parks and museums, have holiday parties, and become active members of their community. Learn more about the four Merakey AVS campuses.

Patricia Hillman Miller Campus - located in Pittsburgh, PA

Address: 315 West Prospect Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15205-1924

Phone: 412-921-7755 | Fax: 412-937-0206

The Patricia Hillman Miller Campus (PHMC) is home to 60 individuals most of whom are profoundly or severely diagnosed. Ninety-five percent (95%) of the residents at PHMC require wheelchairs for mobility. Most have additional medical complexities including seizure disorders and visual and hearing impairments. Many residents require tubes for feeding and tracheotomies/ventilators for respiratory compromises. The individuals are dependent on nursing, respiratory and direct care professionals 24-hours a day to provide specialized support services to meet their daily needs. Each weekday, program supports are provided either on-campus or at a nearby adult training program location. Community involvement is a focus for everyone at PHMC - from a stroll in the park to a boat ride on the river. PHMC prides itself on the care provided to the individuals, as well as the opportunities available to them on the Campus and in the community.

Address: 1996 Ewings Mill Road, Coraopolis, PA 15108-3380 | Phone: 412-262-3500 | Fax: 412-262-9217

Pittsburgh Campus - located in Robinson Township, PA
Pittsburgh Campus - located in Robinson Township, PA

The Pittsburgh Campus is home to 167 individuals. While the individuals have a primary diagnosis of IDD, most also have other medical complications such as Cerebral Palsy, seizure disorders, cardiac disorders and an array of other physical disabilities and behavior support needs. The residents are dependent on staff for their 24-hour direct care needs. On-site medical care services are provided due to the medical complications of this aging population. The Pittsburgh Campus offers a wide range of program services such as vocational training where more than 20 individuals are employed in a variety of jobs including food preparation, laundry, recycling, delivery and with computers. Other program services include therapeutic activities, physical and occupational therapy and speech, recreation, aquatics and sensory programs. Merakey AVS’s Memory Care Home is located on the Pittsburgh Campus.

Address: 1291 Middletown Road, Hummelstown, PA 17036-8929 | Phone: 717-566-3267 | Fax: 717-566-2224

Hummelstown Campus - located in Hummelstown, PA (Dauphin County)
Hummelstown Campus - located in Hummelstown, PA (Dauphin County)

The Hummelstown Campus is located in central Pennsylvania between Hershey and Harrisburg. The Campus is home to 22 individuals with IDD and medical complications such as diabetes, respiratory issues, seizures, and Cerebral Palsy. The individuals residing at the Campus rely on nursing and direct care professionals 24-hours a day to provide specialized support services to meet their needs. The Hummelstown Campus also serves as an Adult Training Facility/Older Adult Day Center supporting the residents from the Campus and AVS’s 13 area community group homes. A wide range of program services are offered at the Campus such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, psychology, pre-vocational training, developmental training, and communications.

Merakey AVS Philadelphia Campus - located in Philadelphia, PA (Philadelphia County)

Address: 9990 Verree Road, Philadelphia, PA 19115-1322

Phone: 215-677-9500 | Fax: 215-677-7217

Merakey AVS’s Philadelphia Campus is home to 104 individuals. The residents have multiple physical challenges and require 24-hour medical care. Most of the individuals at the Philadelphia Campus are severely or profoundly diagnosed and use wheelchairs for mobility. Day programming is held on the Campus for those who are unable to travel to the Philadelphia Program Center. Each resident is cared for with individualized services including physical, occupational, and recreational therapies as well as vocational training, active treatment, and communications and sensory programs to maintain and promote independence.